By Bob Doris MSP

I have been contacted by a number of constituents regarding the Period Poverty Bill, and I wanted to give an update.

I am committed to the principles underpinning the Period Poverty Bill and had previously updated interested constituents that I would need to await the committee’s Stage One report to the Scottish Parliament. I stated that the clear priority for all is to support those on low incomes who may not be able to access products themselves. This goal is shared by many across Parliament.

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Debate on Report on social prescribing

By Bob Doris MSP

I was able to speak in the debate on Social Prescribing in Parliament this week (18 Feb 2020). Social Prescribing is where GPs, and other health professionals, can prescribe activities such as walking or taking up sport to help a patients illness. The Health Secretary Jeane Freeman has announced a working group to look at how to expend these services.

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By Bob Doris MSP

96% of new parents benefiting from Baby Boxes

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This page will have my latest updates on the the proposed development at Blackhill Road in Summerston.

If you would like to be kept updated on this issue, please fill out your details at and I will keep you informed by email

Update 25 February 2022

Update on proposed housing development in Summerston: Planning Permission Refused
I wanted to give you a brief update to let you know the Scottish Government reporter has dismissed the appeal to build houses in Summerston to the north of Blackhill Road. This means planning permission has been refused.
You can read the full decision notice at
This explains the reasons for the refusal, including on environmental grounds, concerns over traffic and the existing supply of housing.
I am both delighted and relieved the application has been rejected by the Scottish Government Reporter. I have been campaigning on this issue for several years. I welcome the decision notice states the Reporter took representation from members of the public into consideration when reaching their decision. I would like to thank everyone who made comment on this application, and it shows local people’s voices can be heard.


Update 13 January 2022

Current Status of the development

As you may recall I have been continuing to take a strong interest in the application to the site to the north of Blackhill Road in Summerston to build a large number of homes on a greenbelt site. A development I have consistently opposed.

The application remains with the Scottish Government Reporter to determine. It had been anticipated that the Reporter would have arrived at a decision  before the end of 2021. I would note that the Reporter does not make a political decision or determination but rather they have a  quasi-judicial role free from political interference. I did however seek to get further information from them as to when the matter may be concluded. I can provide you with the following update from the office of the Reporter.

‘The reporter apologises for the delay, but due to pressure of workload, there will be a delay in the issue of a decision.  He intends to progress the case as soon as possible, but given its complexity, it is not likely that a decision will be issued this month’ (January 2022).

I acknowledge that the update is hardly illuminating. Some constituents had requested an update recently and I wanted to assure those who have raised this matter with me that I had not forgotten about the issue, that I continue to pursue it and that I will of course update you further in due course


Update 14 September 2021

Current Status of the development

In the last few weeks I have had some additional enquiries about the progress of the planning application regarding the fields off Blackhill Road.

It's worth noting that the following was in the media recently: 

This confirms the feasibility report by Glasgow City Council officials, but is not a decision taken by the Council. As you know, the planning application is currently with the Scottish Government Reporter to determine. This was due to a delay by officials in completing the feasibility study, and consequently in making a determination at Council level.

It's also worth noting that whilst this is a Scottish Government Reporter, their decision will be independent of Scottish Government ministers and politicians.

The target date for the Reporter to make a decision was 18 August 2021 but that has now been exceeded. I contacted the Reporters office to ask for a time-frame as to when a decision may be anticipated. Their office informed me that the Reporter was actively working on this case at the moment. They unfortunately said that the Reporter was not in a position to give an anticipated timescale for their decision. They did however indicate that interested parties can keep up to date with progress of the case via the website: 

My apologies I have no further information but rest assured I am continuing to pursue this matter.

Update June 2021

Planning and Enviromental Appeals Division

I wanted to give you an update on the proposed planning application for a major housing development next to Blackhill Road. Any constituent who had submitted comments to the planning application should have received a letter (perhaps by email) about an appeal which has been lodged by the applicant.

It is important to note the application has not been decided, and this is not an appeal against any decision that has been made. Rather the applicant has asked that the application is referred to the Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA) on the grounds the application has not been decided by the City Council (the relevant planning authority) within the statutory timescales.

The DPEA is part of the Scottish Government – although I must stress it works and reaches decisions independently of elected representatives and government ministers when reaching a decision on any appeal.

You can read more about the DPEA at 

The appeal is available to read at:-

The website advised that “Interested members of the public are entitled to make representation. You can send these via email to the case officer listed or post them to our office. Any representations received will be passed to the planning authority and agent/appellant for their comments.”

I would advise, however, that any existing comments you have submitted have already been passed to the DPEA and will be reviewed.

I do intend making a brief additional submission to the DPEA to highlight the draft feasibility study which stated

"The study has concluded that, for the purposes of the adopted City Development Plan, the greenbelt designation of the study area should remain. The determination of any planning application is required to take account of the provisions of the Development Plan, and any other material considerations. It is considered that the outcome of the study, and the continuing status of the location as greenbelt, are significant material considerations in this respect."

It is also worth noting that if Glasgow City Council had refused the application, then the applicant would still have had the right to appeal to the Planning and Environmental Appeals Division.

As ever, I will keep you updated on any developments

Best wishes.


Update 31 December 2020


I have written to Glasgow City Council to confirm my objection to this development. You can download and read a copy of this letter here


Update 16 November 2020

New application

I previously contacted you regarding the ‘Summerston Wider Area’ feasibility study. This feasibility study is to examine the environmental, hydrological and infrastructure issues in the larger area to the north of Summerston, including phasing and delivery, to assess the potential for additional housing land in the area. The feasibility study recommended the area remains as Green Belt. It has not yet been reported to a committee of the Council. This was due to concerns raised, legally, by the developer. This is ongoing.
In a new turn of events, the planning application submitted by Caledonian Property Investments Ltd was removed last week.
However, Caledonian Property Investments Ltd submitted a new planning application (reference 20/03256/PPP) on 9th December 2020. This application is the same development proposal as the previous application. Glasgow City Council have told me that as this is technically a new application, comments which were submitted for the original application can NOT be considered for the new application.
Therefore comments should be resubmitted, and I encourage you to do so.
Should you wish to make comment on the planning application, the last date for comments is Friday 8th January 2021. Anyone wishing to make a representation must therefore do so by this date.
Given Christmas and New Year is approaching, this is a very tight timescale. It is disappointing comments need to be in over this time (a timescale the council can’t control). I have asked if there is any ability to extend the statutory period for comments, however I would strongly encourage you to make any comments – however brief – before 8 January.
You can view the proposal, and make comments at
Please do contact me or my office if you have any other concerns.

Update 19 November 2020

As I had advised recently, the Strategic Review recommended this area should remain as Green Belt. This was to be decided by a committee at Glasgow City Council this week.

However I  have been told this has been delayed as the council received, at short notice, legal correspondence on the matter which they need to consider. I am seeking to get more details of the delay and when it is likely to be resolved. I will, of course, update you when I hear more.

Update 11 November 2020

Feasibility Study

I want to make you aware of recommendations made by council officials to the Neighbourhoods, Housing and Public Realm City Policy Committee at Glasgow City Council. These  relate to the proposed Blackhill Road housing development and echo much of the representations I have been making to the Council for some time.

Essentially they recommend that the land adjacent to Blackhill Road should remain designated as green belt. It also agrees my longstanding position that north Glasgow has sufficient non-green belt land for housing development and that there remains significant issues relating to traffic, transport and local amenities.

The recommendations come from a feasibility study which was carried out. If the committee adopts this report, the City Plan will confirm the green belt designation.

I should stress the planning application is still live and it will still be considered in due course. However any green belt status (if confirmed by the committe on 17 November) will be a material consideration when a decision is reached by local councillors.

I will keep you updated.

You can read the documentation at 

Best wishes, Bob.


Update 9 June 2020 


As you will know, the deadline for submitting comments on the planning application for housing development in Summerston closed earlier this year. I remain strongly opposed to this development. You can read my comments here

I wanted to update you on where the council is with the application, as initially the target date for a decision was 6 May. As part of the consideration of this proposal, a feasibility study needs to be carried out by Glasgow City Council. This covers a range of issues, including transport and infrastructure. I have been informed by the council that they continue to work on this, and it is expected to be due by the Council summer recess. This will then go out to consultation with the relevant partners who feed into it over the summer.

I will, of course, advise you when I hear more about this.

This means the time period for consideration of the planning application has been extended. I currently understand that the planning committee will meet to discuss this after the council recess, and this is likely to be in September, where a decision will be made.

You can see full details of the proposals, as well as any updates at

If you have any concerns, please do continue to let me know. I will update you as soon as I hear any more developments.


Update 8 June 2020


I was recently approached by agents of the applicant (Caledonian Properties) wishing to make a donation to local groups. Any donation welcome but in the interest of transparency here is my reply reiterating my objection to the plans.

summerston letter

Update 13 March 2020


I have put in a detailed objection to the plans for 500 new houses on the edge of Blackhill Road, Summerston.  I would like to thank everyone who contacted me, and the many of you who submmited your own comments to the council.

If you wish to read my submission, you can download a copy of this here


Update 8 January 2020


I have had a number of constituents contact me regarding the proposed development on Blackhill Road in Summerston. I have now received a further update on behalf of the developer who propose to build 500 new houses. You can read more in the letter below.

The developer has now applied for Planning Permission in Principle. Although this does not include the detailed plans at this stage, you can see more about this on the Glasgow City Council Website at…/….

This also includes a proposed Transport Strategy. If you have any comments on the proposed development, you can make these online at the above weblink. Click on the “Comments” tab to raise any concerns or support.

I know concerns have been raised, particularly regarding transport and access, and I will continue to represent these views.

In addition, I remain concerned as feasibility study from Glasgow City Council remains incomplete and I will be contacting the council for more information.

Please get in touch if you have any concerns.



Here is a quick guide to emergency food provision locally over the festive period.  

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By Bob Doris MSP

As many constituents will know there was yet another water outage in parts of north Glasgow yesterday. Concerns have been raised that these may be becoming more frequent. I have therefore been in correspondence with Scottish Water.

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sse wyndford

By Bob Doris MSP

I was really pleased to see SSE respond positively to the Wyndford Tennents Union to expand access to the ‘low user tariff’ for Wyndford residents. This abolishes daily standing charges which can have a devastating impact on low users. SSE have agreed to allow people to switch to the ‘low user tariff’.

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By Bob Doris MSP

The Wyndford Tenants Union recently held a protest at SSE offices in Glasgow over standing charges for the local community heating and hot water supply. See media coverage of that protest

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P1010424 1
By Bob Doris MSP

Threat of Cancellation - community meeting.

This will be held on Wednesday 30th of October at 7pm in the Glasgow Club Milton.

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By Bob Doris MSP

This week I visited Sighthill with Councillor Allan Casey. We were joined by DRS Project Management & Design as well as representatives of Morgan Sindall, Glasgow City Council’s infrastructure Contractor.

It was good to see the progress in Sighthill. This development will see a huge number of new homes coming to the constituency, as well as a brand new school campus. The transformation is part of a £250m masterplan in partnership with the Scottish Government, Glasgow City Council and GHA.

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Climate Change

By Bob Doris MSP

I have been contacted my a number of constituents regarding the Climate Change Bill, which I supported. I would like to give a bit more background, and my thoughts on this very important issue.

Following the Stage 3 process in the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday 25th of September, I am pleased to say that MSPs have voted and the bill will now become law. 

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Committee 19092019

By Bob Doris MSP

At the Social Security Committee in the Scottish Parliament, which I chair, I was please to offer my support for the Young Carers Grant. This £300 grant will make a real and focused difference to the lives of Young Carers, and it will lauch soon.

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