The Scottish Child Payment will be doubled from April 2022 - in just four months time. This will see around 19,000 eligible children across Glasgow receiving £20 per week per child from spring next year. Across Scotland, more than 106,000 children will be benefitting from the increased payment.

Since the launch of the Scottish Government payment on 15 February 2021, over £5 million has been issued in payments to families here in Glasgow alone.

Over 400,000 children in Scotland could be eligible for the doubled payment by the end 2022, which is when the benefit - which is unique in the UK - will be extended to children under the age of 16.

£20 a week is four times the amount originally demanded by campaigners. The doubling of the Scottish Child Payment to £20 is the type of bold action that makes a real difference to people’s lives and shows how focussed the Scottish Government is on meeting Scotland’s Child Poverty targets.

To find out more, and see if you are eligible visit

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