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It is a privilege to represent the Glasgow Maryhill and Springburn constituency as your MSP. 

I stay in Maryhill with my wife Janet, and young son. Before I became an MSP, I was a secondary school teacher for 10 years. Since first being elected as a Glasgow MSP in 2007 I have worked hard to deliver for local constituents.  Now returned as your constituency MSP for Maryhill and Springburn in 2021, I will contiune to build on that progress, help to protect the communities I know best, and deliver to all people in Maryhill and Springburn

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Bob Doris MSP


Latest News

  • Save Maryhill Library

    saveMaryhill Library

    Glasgow Life have stated they have no plans to reopen Maryhill Library. They have made the wrong decision.

    Maryhill Library must reopen at its current location. Glasgow Life must urgently review their position and bring forward plans for re-opening our library as soon as possible.

    This is an essential service for the people of Maryhill. Any talk of a new community hub cannot be used as a reason to keep Maryhill Library closed.

    Sign the petition below and back the campaign to have Maryhill Library reopened.

    Sign the petition here and receive updates on this campaign.


    By submitting your details, you will get email updates from me on this matter (Maryhill Library). You can find my full privacy policy online here

  • Taking action on Cadder Woods


    When constituents made me aware of the abandoned cars at Cadder Woods, I urged the Council to move them as soon as possible and they moved swiftly to do so. Since posting on facebook about Cadder Woods I have been hugely encouraged by several local residents contacting me and the affection they have for the woods. They hugely value that space and want to play their part in ensuring that the area is well safe, well maintained and a welcoming open environment.

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  • Coronavirus: timetable for easing restrictions


    Planned phasing 

    2 April 

    lifting the ‘Stay at Home’ requirement and replacing it with a ‘Stay Local’ message (retaining the current, Local Authority-based travel restrictions for at least a three-week period) 

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  • Young Carers Day: Praising Scotland’s Young Carers

    Graphic that says "The Scottish Government has paid out more than £860,000 to eligible young carers since the Young Carer Grant opened in October 2019"

    Over the past year with the coronavirus crisis, the pressure on young carers has been even greater than normal . As today is Young Carers Day and I’d like to take the opportunity to praise Scotland’s young carers and encourage them to take advantage of the Young Carer Package and Young Carers Grant – the first of its kind in the UK.

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  • Update on Stockingfield Bridge


    A number of constituents have been in touch about the work on the new bridge at Stockingfield Junction. I have had an update from the project team which I wanted to share with you. 

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