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Maryhill Job CentreStats reveal over 6,500 betrayed by Tory cuts

Official UK government statistics provided by the Scottish Parliament Information Centre have shown that over 6,500 people throughout Glasgow and beyond have been left to suffer as a result of Tory job centre cuts.

The closures, which began in September 2017 and have resulted in half of Glasgow's job centre estate disappearing, have been heavily criticised by the SNP and local communities throughout, yet the Tory government has turned a deaf ear to local concerns.

Tory cuts to the vital community hubs is forcing thousands of people to travel extra distances at added cost in order to receive the support they are entitled to - putting them at greater risk of facing the hated DWP sanctions regime if they are late for an appointment.

SNP MSP Bob Doris, who has seen the Maryhill job centre in his constituency close its doors - impacting on nearly 1,300 people - said: "These figures show just how damaging these closures are for people in my constituency and across the country - with over 6,500 people losing local access to this vital lifeline service.

"Yet again, the Tories know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

"This betrayal is forcing people who are already suffering from the impact of Tory welfare cuts to travel extra distances, at added cost, in order to claim the support they are entitled to - simply increasing the risk of them facing the hated and cruel sanctions from the DWP if they are a moment late.

"The job centres in our communities are vital for helping some of the most vulnerable and hard-up people in our society, yet the Tories simply see another opportunity to make devastating cuts.

"The Tories are destroying local communities with their endless austerity - and it is always ordinary people who are left to pay the price from their ideological obsession with cuts."


Jobcentre plus office

10820 : Alexandria
10884 : Port Glasgow
10892 : Broxburn
10560 : Anniesland
10541 : Bridgeton
10556 : Easterhouse
10584 : Langside
10554 : Maryhill
10552 : Parkhead

Sept 17


Total 6,525

For the Maryhill job centre in Bob Doris's constituency, there were 1,290 claimants in December, the month prior to it shutting.

Jobcentre plus office 10554 : Maryhill
Sept 2017     Oct 2017     Nov 2017     Dec 2017
  1,265           1,250           1,290          1,290