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On Friday 12th of May, along with Patrick Grady, I met with First Glasgow’s Paul Coupar to discuss the ongoing threat to the M4 bus service through Kelvindale. At that  meeting I outlined the findings of the significant parliamentary consultation that I have undertaken within the community in relation to bus services. I made it clear that the M4 service was particularly fragile because it had been detached from the previous 4A service, leaving Kelvindale exposed in terms of a commercially viable service.

Indeed unless part of a wider route, most sections of any bus service would not be financially viable as a stand-alone service. That is why my consultation focused on trying to reconnect Kelvindale to a wider route. I also stressed the various points made in the consultation responses such as the hourly service, the start time of the M4 service not being early enough, reliability issues and mirroring the route / timetable of the 94 bus too closely.

The stark reality is that the bus is still only sitting at around 50% commercial viability and the company is expected to make a final decision at some point in June over the service's long term future.

I will now be meeting with SPT to see how they can proactively seek to support bus services in and around Kelvindale, so, should the service ultimately be withdrawn (this would require 10 weeks notice) that SPT are well placed to look at a subsidised service if required. I am also meeting with the Transport Minister Humza Yousaf MSP shortly. Whilst he has no specific powers to direct services in the city, the Scottish Government are developing legislation to give Councils more powers in this area. I want to ensure when this legislation is developed, it takes account of the how areas such as Kelvindale are impacted.

I have also discussed this matter with Cllr McLean and we intend to work in partnership on this matter.

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