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counciltaxbillSNP secure £100m for education

Labour and the Green Party have tonight teamed up with the Tories to put political point-scoring ahead of fairer taxation as the SNP put securing £100m for education ahead of party political games.

In an important vote on the SNP’s progressive council tax plans, designed to protect low income households and generate £100 million of additional revenue to invest in schools, opposition parties Labour and the Greens voted with the Tories against plans for further reform of taxation to be fair and progressive.

Despite the games of opposition parties SNP MSPs secured changes to the council tax that will deliver £100m a year to close the attainment gap - delivering on our election commitment.

Commenting, Bob Doris MSP said:

“Labour and the Greens should hang their heads in shame tonight – for teaming up with the Tories to vote down the opportunity to embed fair taxation in future reforms.

“Every party at Holyrood put their plans on local taxation to the test in May and the SNP was returned for a third term in government.

“The SNP is determined to see a further £100 million invested in education and that is why we ensured our manifesto commitment passed through parliament tonight.

“Our plans make council tax fairer, more proportionate and more progressive. While you might expect opposition to such plans from the Tories, it is absolute shameful to see political gamesmanship of this nature from Labour and the Greens. It was a petty and poorly judged stunt on a petty and poorly thought-out amendment – and ultimately a vote against progressive taxation.”