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Several constituents have been in contact with me about significant issues in relation to flooding in Summerston, and in particular at the railway bridge on Sandbank Street. I have been in correspondence with Glasgow City Council for several months on this matter, and certainly before the most recent period of flooding. Staying in Summerston myself I well know this flooding has been a long term problem in this area and I am disappointed that the City Council has never previously sought a long term solution.


However following a meeting I recently held with GCC Land and Environmental Services that is hopefully about to change. The meeting was attended by myself, local councillors John Letford and Francis Scally, a representative of Patrick Grady MP as well as David Frews (Roads and Transport Services Manager) and Alex Gavin (Road Technician) from Glasgow City Council Land & Environmental Services department.

Council Action
Glasgow City Council have agreed to improve the overall capacity of the drainage system. There are currently 4 drainage gullies at that location, each only 4inch wide and these frequently get blocked. Something as trivial as a tin can has entirely blocked a gully previously. The Council informs me that as a result of flooding issues the gullies are cleaned daily.  I am pleased to inform you that following our representations the existing 4 gullies under the bridge are being renewed to a specification of 6 inch wide and this should reduce incidents of blockage. There will also be two new gullies near Shiskine Drive on Sandbank Street, and the gullies on Rothes Drive near Arrochar Street will also be widened. Work is due to commence shortly and should only take a few days.  You can see the plans for the proposed drainage improvements here.

Scottish Water Action
Furthermore, Scottish Water conducted an inspection of the sewer capacity at Sandbank Street and discovered concrete and grout deposits within the sewer and the carrier pipes of the road drainage system which greatly reduced the capacity. Scottish Water have agreed to undertake work to clear this system and I have written to them to seek early implementation of this work.

These works are in addition to the planned works to implement a sustainable drainage system within Lambhill Cemetary to alleviate the risk of flooding on Balmore Road. The contract for this work has now been awarded and work should commence shortly.

Contingency Planning
I have also requested that the Council produce a contingency plan for traffic flow and local residents next time flooding occurs. In particular there are issues with using the train services, as well as entering and exiting the area via a hugely under pressure route at Caldercuilt Road. When Sandbank Street and Balmore Road are blocked at the same time, gridlock occurs in Summerston. There is clearly the need to give priority to traffic entering and exiting Summerston at Maryhill Road during these times. I have requested this.

Taken together these works will hopefully represent a long-term solution to what has been a perennial flooding problem for local residents and businesses. My colleagues and I will be monitoring the situation closely to ensure that the planned works are carried out timeously and that, once implemented, the new systems stand up to the challenge of the Glasgow weather.

If any further flooding occurs in the meantime, I would encourage you to notify SEPA by calling the Floodline on 03459881188, or reporting it online at

I will keep you updated of any further developments on this issue. If I can be of further assistance with this or any other matter please do not hesitate to get in touch.