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Scotland continues to become a healthier nation – with deaths from heart disease and strokes falling by a third since the SNP came to government in 2007.

Figures released today show that mortality rates for coronary heart disease have dropped by 36% and deaths from strokes have fallen 33% since 2007.

Incidences of both heart disease and strokes have fallen while survival rates for those suffering their first heart attack have increased.

Commenting, SNP MSP Bob Doris said: “It’s hugely encouraging that mortality rates for heart disease and strokes are continuing to fall – with survival rates increasing and incidence rates decreasing.

“These improvements are a sign that the hard work of our NHS staff is paying off, as well as the public becoming more aware of the warning signs and how to react to a heart attack or stroke.

“There is of course more work to do, but we should all be delighted that Scotland’s health continues to improve and that we’re successfully tackling two of the most significant causes of death.


Scottish Stroke Statistics and Scottish Heart Disease Statistics can be read in full at

Incidence rates for coronary heart disease have also fallen by 25 per cent since 2006/07. Incidence of cerebrovascular disease (CVD), of which stroke is one of the most common types, has fallen by 13 per cent over the same period.

Survival rates of people suffering their first emergency admission with a heart attack have increased over the last decade – by eight per cent overall, and by 14 per cent in people over 75.