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Tributes paid to hard-working NHS staff

Today's strong A&E figures show that SNP investment in the health service is continuing to pay off – supporting hard-working NHS staff in delivering a first-class service for patients.

Figures published today show that during the week ending 27 December, 96.1 per cent of patients were treated within four hours at core sites – above the interim target of 95 per cent.

These welcome figures come after the Deputy First Minister's announcement that health board spending in Scotland is set for a £500 million increase – meaning total investment in the frontline NHS budget next year of almost £13 billion, as the SNP makes clear its determination to build on the progress made in the health service since 2007.

Commenting, SNP MSP Bob Doris said: "This is very welcome news, showing that A&E units are exceeding the 95 per cent target – and while we can inevitably expect performance to fluctuate as demand changes, today's figures are a tribute to our NHS staff who have been working so hard to cut waiting times and deliver the best possible service for patients.  

"The SNP's commitment to our health service has led to increased investment in our NHS even in the face of Westminster austerity – with the NHS budget and NHS staff numbers both at a record high, and health board spending set for a further boost of £500 million.  

"Today's new figures make clear that this investment is delivering real results -- and while they are welcome, we know that there is always more which can be done. Both staff and patients can rest assured that the SNP will be working harder than ever to continue to build on the progress, further improving our NHS and delivering the first-class health service people across Scotland deserve."


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