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Labour has been urged to apologise to NHS workers after the party implied standards had not improved since the 1940s.

SNP MSP Bob Doris said Labour needed to stop talking the NHS down as he highlighted the Scottish Government’s record investment levels in the health service.

Mr Doris said: “In their desperation to attack the SNP, Labour seem prepared to attack and insult anyone. Our NHS is state-of-the-art, pioneering and doing an incredible job - to imply that it was providing 1940s levels of service is grossly insulting.

“Labour should stop talking our health service down and they should apologise to NHS workers.

“The Scottish Government is investing record levels in the NHS, spending significantly more per head than in England. Indeed, in the last year, Scotland spent £2,160 per head compared to £2,057 in England. That represents more than £500 million in investment comparatively on health services for our population in Scotland, compared it to English spend.

“We have record funding, record staffing and historically low waiting times.

“It says everything that Jackie Baillie is praising Tory stewardship of the NHS in England, where they are in the middle of a serious industrial relations dispute, while attacking the Scottish Government who are providing a record £12 billion investment in health services in the face of deep cuts to Scotland’s budget from Westminster.

“If Labour were really serious about protecting our NHS they would back the SNP’s efforts to protect Scotland’s budget from Tory austerity.


In a tweet Scottish Labour say: "We need an NHS fit for the challenges of the 2040s, not the 1940s."