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Save the G1 and G2 Buses Petition

I support Bob Doris MSP and councillors Letford and Scally’s  campaign to protect the future of the G1 and G2 bus services which are due to be axed by Stagecoach on 23 April 2016.

We urge Stagecoach to reconsider, and, failing this, Strathclyde Passenger Transport to work with potential alternative bus operators to provide a service beyond April 23rd 2016.



The G1 and G2 buses which service areas such as Wydford, Kelvindale, Maryhill and Firhill are being axed by Stagecoach. They connect communities as well as providing a link to the new Southern General Hospital.  

I have met with Stagecoach, accompanied by local councillors John Letford and Franny Scally, and unfortunately Stagecoach have refused to consider continuing the service beyond 23 April. We have now written to Strathclyde Passenger Transport to request an urgent meeting to try and ensure that services can continue.

We have a number of suggestions as to how this can be sustained such as reducing the frequency of the service and route variation. Hopefully a solution can be found. 

Kind regards, 


Bob Doris MSP for Glasgow Region (SNP)

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